Smartphone Projector 2.0

The ultimate portable projector - but ready made with a luxury finish! - Click here for tips and advice.

Smartphone Projector

Portable Mini Cinema - Click here for tips and advice.

Smartphone Speaker

The audio sister to the legendary Smartphone Projector.

Barbecue Stamp

Make your own unique mark on steaks and personalise your plate!

Scratch Map® Original

The Original Scratch Map® map!

Scratch Map® Travel Delux...

Add a little luxury Scratch Map® map to your next adventure.

Scratch Map ® Deluxe

Track your travels around the world in style.

Adventure Map ™

A Scratch Map® map featuring over 280 'must do' bucket list experiences.

OMY Colouring Puzzles

Design your own, shifting, sliding picture puzzle.

£9.95 £6.50
Waterproof Notebook

100% waterproof notebook

OMY Colouring Notebooks

Pocket sized, quirky colouring book.

£6.95 £4.50
The Explorer Bottle

Stainless steel drinking bottle.


Welcome to Luckies, home to gadgets for men!

You’re here, you made it, and we’re so glad you did.

Luckies of London was started in 2005 from a cupboard under the stairs, and since day one, the mission statement and endgame has been very clear – to bring you, wherever you are in the world, the best in innovative gifts, birthday gifts for himcool gifts, and unusual gifts and gadgets. Gifts and gadgets for men, women, and something for the little guys too. Our in-house design team source their inspiration from all kinds of things, places, and experiences, pooling their talent to create the most interesting, and sometimes surprising, in kitchen, home, office, and travel life savers, stationery and tech for all occasions, cool gadgets for men and even gifts for men who have everything!

The collaborative nature of the Luckies office, means that new products are tested on and voted on by everyone here, and what that in turn means for you (or your very lucky gift receiver), is that what you’re getting is a little piece of Luckies through and through, every time. We pride ourselves on the inate personality of all the products and gadgets for men and women we’ve created, from the Smartphone Magnifier to the Smartphone Projector, the Hologram Viewer and beyond. What we want is for you to get a taste of that with every Luckies gift.

Our world famous Scratch Map has been developed and re-imagined countless times since it’s conception in 2009, and now comes in a number of variations – the Oceans Map, Star Map, Stamp Map, and Chalk Edition to name a few. Simply put, we thought about what else you might want, and we made it a reality.

Because our team here never stop thinking, it means you never have to think at all. We’ve got you covered. For birthdays, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines Day. For girls and guys who you think have everything and you might never find anything else they want. Her baby shower, his stag party, and any other (possibly self-serving) gifting scenario you care to come up with.

Whether you need it for someone else, or you’re here looking for you; we never judge. The Luckies motto is “Good To Give”, but equally importantly, another good man once said – “Treat yo’ self”.