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Valentine’s…Galentine’s…or Palentine’s?

It’s a little known ‘fact’ that Valentine’s Day was invented in 1912 by Hallmark Cards Inc. as a way to fill a gap in sales between Christmas and Easter. Genius. To this day we celebrate love romance the world over every February 14th. Now that’s good marketing! Things have definitely modernised over the last few years and Valentine’s day now has it’s rivals, namely Galentine’s Day and Palentine’s Day. After all love for your friends is as just important as (and often more long lasting than) any romantic relationship.

Whether you’re involved in a Bromance with your boys or following the wisdom of Leslie Knope and celebrating with your Gals on February 13th (Galentine’s Day), you may need a little inspiration on how to show your affection with a gift, or fun day together (or apart, damn you COVID-19). We’ve been thinking how we’re going to celebrate all forms of love this Feb 13th and 14th (a weekend!) this year, here’s what we’ve come up with:

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Get Personal(ized)

You could buy a card and let someone else create a message or piece of artwork to tell your lover or friends how much they mean to you, but it would mean so much more if you took the time to make one yourself right? You could also take the £4 you’ll save and put it towards a little Valentine’s gift. All you need is a piece of card, some felt pens and tiny little bit of creativity. Now matter how good or bad your card turns out we guarantee it will bring a tear (of joy, or laughter) to the eye of the recipient.

If you’re feeling even more creative get your hands on one of our Print Club London x Luckies Screen Printing Kits – the perfect way to make a personalized card, t-shirt, tote bag, or limited edition art print of one. If you’ve never screen printed in your life, have no fear, the easy to follow instructions will have you up and running in no time.

Why not schedule a surprise afternoon screen printing class with your chosen one and make t-shirts for eachother? All you need is a plain(ish) t-shirt from your cupboard, an idea, and the fun will begin.

Get Relaxed

Calm Club Big Night In

Chances are you might end up staying at home this Valentine’s weekend if you’re in a lockdown zone. Let’s think about the positives – at least you won’t end up in a restaurant or bar with a load of other people celebrating Valentine’s over candlelight, looking longingly at eachother. So stay in, and relax. We all know cooking for someone is one of the most (b)romantic things you can do. Follow this up with a movie, a game and some drinks and you’ve got an (admittedly fairly clichéd) enjoyable evening on your hands.

Calm Club has a couple of kits which are perfect for helping you get your day or evening chill on. Big Night In does just what it says on the tin (or 100% recyclable card packaging to be precise) and includes a patchouli scented soy wax candle, ultra-comfortable wool socks, a padded sleep mask, stoneware mug, and mindfulness puzzle.

If you want to start relaxing earlier in the day, our Relaxation Rituals Kit brings the spa to your place with baoding balls (say what?!) with fabric case, scented bath bomb, ceramic dish and 12 x sandalwood scented incense cones, patchouli scented soy wax candle and a meditation card.

If you’re planning a romatic candlit meal – why not spend some time together in the morning making those very candles, with our Wax & Wick candle making kit? This premium homemade scented candle kit includes everything you need to pour your own perfect candles together.

Get Competitive

Print CLub London x Luckies Love is Power jigsaw puzzle

Completing a jigsaw together (especially one with message of love) could not be more romantic, assuming that you don’t start arguing over which piece goes where! If you’re spending Valentine’s together, join forces and get one of our 500 piece puzzles (we’ve got loads) done over a few drinks. Even the most novice of puzzlers can get these finished in a few hours – with two brains it’ll be much quicker.

If you’re unable to spend the day together for whatever reason, we suggest you grab a puzzle each and have a friendly competition to see who can complete the jigsaw first. Updates over Facetime (other videotelephony apps are available) will let you know how you’re getting on and ensure there’s no cheating!

Get Hydrated

Instant Happy Hour Cocktail Kit

Having a drink is essential on Valentine’s Day, whether it’s a healthy mocktail or a slightly less healthy (but arguably more fun) cocktail. Yes, beer and wine are nice, but nowhere near as fun as getting together and creating your own drinks. Enter Instant Happy Hour from Iron & Glory and Mocktail Faking Kit from Calm Club. Go full on cocktail, full on mocktail or split the difference and alternate them. Either way, the making will be just as fun as the drinking.

Get Rockin’

Rock On headphone stand

There is simply no better way to really tell someone they rock on Valentine’s Day than with our Rock On and Rock On Mini headphone and accessory stands. Keep headphones, earphones, keys, jewellery, and watches all in one place, and exactly where you left them!

For maximum effect and romaticism accompany Rock On with a Valentine’s (or anti-Valentine’s) playlist of your own creation. Tailor it to say exactly what you want to say to your gal, pal or lover – or just make them laugh with some ironic messages. Her are a few anti-Valentine’s songs to get you started:

10cc- I’m Not In Love

Soft Cell – Tainted Love

Public Image Limited – This is Not a Love Song

Carly Rae Jepsen – Boy Problems

Paul Simon – 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

Tom Waits – Blue Valentine’s


Whatever you choose to do on Valentine’s weekend (even if that’s totally ignoring it!) make sure everyone you love knows you love them. You don’t need to buy them a Valentine’s gift to tell them that (but it can be more fun) – at the very least just say it!

Have a great one, from all of us at Luckies.