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Valentines Day Gift Guide – Recommended by the Experts

Greetings Card Kit by Luckies of London

Jenni Day joined Luckies back in 2010, and is our UK Business Development Manager. Making sure there are Luckies products on the shelves of stores all over the country, if you don’t have a Scratch Map® in a shop near you, she is the one to fix it! This girl has her finger firmly on the pulse when it comes to gift giving, what she doesn’t know about buying cool gifts just isn’t worth knowing. So without further a do, here are her top tips in the form of our very own Valentines day gift guide!

Jenni Day recommends her top tips for Valentine's gifts

Valentine’s day is a pretty big deal for a lot of couples right? But what if you’re not quite out of the ‘Still swiping on Tinder’ phase yet?

Well, it can definitely be tricky if you haven’t deleted your dating apps yet, let alone met the parents so in that case I’d recommend the witty, casual ‘have you noticed how cool I am yet’ approach. Most cards available to buy are on the soppy, romantic side so it’s definitely better to make one yourself. Invest in Greetings Card Kit so you can stamp one of the designs on the kraft cards that come inside, then add some heart doodles and scribble something casual inside. If the object of your affections looks like they think this is too much, you can swiftly say you just had the card making kit lying around with a shrug of your shoulders and show them the jazzy box to prove it.

Greetings Card Kit by Luckies of London

What if a card seems a step too far, you want to make a gesture but nothing serious, what would you suggest then?

I’d suggest it sounds like you need to discuss your relationship status.. Jokes! We’ve all been there. One of my favourite Luckies products is Just Your Type, so it’s made it into my Valentines Day Gift Guide selection! It’s a presentation box of vintage style gold foil stickers. The great thing is there are heaps of cool, icons such as skulls, penny-farthing bikes and rockabilly images as well as vintage typography fonts. Just pick your surface, and treat these stickers like hipster graffiti that aren’t as permanent as spray paint! Leave a message stuck on the bathroom mirror, the kitchen cupboards or your partners laptop case and hey presto, you’ve made a unique gesture that can be as romantic or as casual as whatever you choose to spell out.

Just Your Type by Luckies of London