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Travel Style Jacket Gripper

Do you ever look out of the window and think it looks cold outside, so you pull on your jacket, leave the house and start walking before realising the sun is beating down and you’re too hot? Of course you do, we’ve all done it. There’s only so long you can walk before that jacket has to come back off, but what do you do with it? It won’t quite fit through in your handbag and if you try to loop it through it just falls onto the ground and gets dirty, right? Well not any more. Simply attach the jacket gripper to your bag, hang your jacket through it, clip it shut and tighten the loop and your jacket is held there safely until the sun goes in and it’s time to put it back on. Genius. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?
Jack Gripper is available in rusty orange, sandy yellow, grey, green, black and dark brown.