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Top 5 Cool Gifts For Men Under £20

Life can be cool when you make time to have fun with these top cool affordable gifts for men all below £20. Sometimes we get pulled from pillow to post because we can’t say them magical empowering words, ” NO “.

Symbolic simplicity is the key to a fantastic cool gift, not the price tag. With these gifts you are not conforming, you are freeing the person up to say ” it started with a gift, but ended up being a planned trip with friends for more fun on a holiday ” . Buying that cool kitchen item, inspired a get together party that led to discussions and planning of a group holiday because you had the cool World glow in the dark globe .

Glow In The Dark Star Globe

Reach for the stars, is an expression that symbolises that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. This self assembly globe in matte black and glow ink is a tactile and attractive 3 D object decorated with constellations in each hemisphere. Have some fun with friends by revealing who likes to travel with zodiac facts contained on the inside of the globe. Expose to sunlight to recharge and glow in the dark when the lights go down.


With makicups you will not be making it up as you go along !. Show off when your friends come around for a come dine with me experience. Don’t panic in the kitchen with these set of three cool looking designer measuring cups. Get organised and have quantity’s of spice ready in these sushi style stack together vessels, in green, white and black. They look cool and so do you as you seamlessly throw together a curry. Meticulously executed.

Hologram Viewer

Send your party invites out in X Men style, the future is ours. Keep your guests entertained whilst you calmly create dinner with your swanky Makicups.
The hologram viewer will provide plenty of creative entertainment for your guests to make 3 D images and see who does the best one. Needs to be at eye level and in a dark room . Features free app which includes 3 videos and a message to the lucky gift receiver with instructions on how to download and play their personalised content.

Harry Hedge Fund

A large ceramic money bank to invest, not in hedge funds, but in yourself. Now that is the coolest thing to do !
After dinner , and inspired by the glow in the dark globe, talks will wonder to ” let’s do this again sometime ” and maybe we could go to India, the stars seem a lot closer there and we could have a more authentic curry ! “. So you all agree that Harry is the best investment around and meet weekly to save for that group friends holiday of a lifetime and stick £20 each in Harry Hedge Fund Bank.

Smartphone Magnifier

A cool gift for the dinner party entertainment, or to take on holiday or to look at the photos when you get back and resume your regular, come dine with me friends experience, having fun and entertaining. The hands free way to watch movies at twice the original size. It’s so cool to be retro with this portable magnifier styled like the first teak surround T . V s  just as it was fashionable in the day to have something unique and different. Comes ready assembled for you to enjoy, just pop your smart phone in and watch. Featured control images below the screen to look like the real thing and comes in a neat quality slide out box in soft dove grey with silver retro sticker style writing .