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The perfect no cost gift

Low on funds? Left it too late to buy a gift? Here’s a no-cost or low-cost gift idea that’s worth its weight in gold…

Make a book of vouchers that the recipient can ‘redeem’ any old time they like. Fun and thoughtful stuff that costs nothing or next to nothing, but’ll be really appreciated.
If you feel like getting creative you could make something by hand, or free DIY design app Canva has a whole host of templates you can use for a slicker look and feel. For the ultimate presentation, how’s about this cool looking Blank Ticket Book?

These are examples of the sort of gifts you could include, but you’re really only limited by your imagination (and ability / willingness to see it through):

A 3 course candlelit dinner
A massage with oils
Some sexy time AKA Netflix & Chill!
A movie night
A home spa session – think scented candles, bubble bath, pedicure, manicure, back scrub, face pack
Breakfast in bed
Coffee in bed every day for a week

A walk with picnic
An hour or two’s ‘service’ of their choice (such as cleaning, maintenance, childcare)
Lessons in anything they may want to learn, that you can teach. Maybe they want to learn to bake. Or perhaps they’d like to know a bit of French. Or the basics of playing guitar. You get the idea.
A Games night (or a video games night)

Happy Hour at home. Learn to make a couple of cocktails and have fun drinking them together (responsibly!)

An afternoon adventure
A foot rub
A museum trip
A day at the beach
A mini road trip
A day off from the kids
Go on a moonlit walk

The choices really are endless…