The Call of the Chartologist

The Chartologist™ range showcases original art by some of Luckies’ favourite illustrators. We hand pick each artist based on their style and interests, to create unique and charming charts that look fantastic in any environment.

Each print is a visual compendium featuring interactive elements that let you track or record the things you’ve seen, heard and experienced.

You can view the existing Chartologist range here.

We’re looking for artists to design and create the next Chartologist poster on the theme of Culture. This could mean anything from rap stars to football, cheese to classic literature. We’re interested in your take, and your style – whether your medium is pencil, ink, print, watercolour, or digital.

You don’t have to submit a complete poster, just enough to show us what you’re going to deliver! New and / or unpublished works only, please. Work that has been published or used commercially elsewhere is not suitable for submission.

We are hoping to find at least one, if not several, new artists to collaborate with on our Chartologist brand, with a view to developing additional products across the Luckies portfolio.

The successful artist/s will be offered a royalty agreement for their work, have the pleasure of seeing their name and art on a product sold globally, and will have the potential to design additional products within the Luckies brand portfolio.


Entry form

Download and complete this form to submit with your artwork.


Submit two JPG or PNG files no larger than 3MB each – recommended size no smaller than 2000px on the longest edge (72dpi minimum). The artwork does not need to be print quality but good enough to see the detail in your work.

Image 1 should show the envisaged layout of the poster, (this does not need to include final versions of each element), and must be named as: FT_Name_Surname_Concept_Layout

e.g. FT_Georgia_Smith_BritishCheeses_Layout

Image 2 should be a close up of 2 or 3 of the individual illustrations on the poster and must be named as: FT_Name_Surname_Concept_Detail

e.g. FT_Georgia_Smith_BritishCheeses_Detail

Create a file transfer link (e.g. WeTransfer, Google Drive) which contains your artwork and entry form, and email to [email protected].

All entries must be received by 23.59 GMT, 19th February 2021. 

If you are not successful in this instance we do not anticipate being able to give feedback due to the volume of submissions and we thank you for your understanding.

Luckies is committed to nurturing artistic talent and will never use an artist’s work without suitable credit and/or remuneration. We won’t steal your work!

(By entering your details and submitting files to Luckies files, your are indicating your agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions)