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12 Gifts of Christmas

“Please, not another gift list?!”

Well, there’s no denying it’s a list and it does contain some awesome gifts so technically, yes, it’s a gift list. This one won’t be annoyingly rolled out over 12 days though.

Really this is just a quick and easy way for you to find the perfect gift for that hard to buy for person. We’ve included our ideas on the kind of person we had in mind when we designed them, to help you choose. It’s a mix of classics and new stuff (future classics?) that we think has something for pretty much everyone.

All designed by us, all original, all useful, and all in stock (as of right now). Our last shipping date for UK next day is 11am Monday 21st December, so there’s still time (depending on when you’re reading this!).

Rock On / Rock On Mini – headphone and accessories stands

£14.95 / £12.95

For fans of: rock / music / rock music / keeping things tidy / knowing where you left your headphones / cool ornaments / gold things.

Calm Club Yoga Deck

Calm Club Yoga Deck – 52 card pack of yoga poses


For those who: already practive yoga / want to learn yoga / want to be healthier, stretchier, stronger and calmer.


Beer Socks – 3 pack of our award winning Beer Socks*


For lovers of: beer / warm, comfy and stylish feet / awesome, award winning packaging (did we mention they’re award winning?)

(*check out our Ale, Lager and Stout individual Beer Socks here)



Print Club London x Luckies ‘Love is Power’ – Artist Edition puzzle


For fans of: a challenge / creativity / mindfulness / screen printing / inspiring artwork / the satisfaction of putting the last piece into place.

(See the full Print Club London x Luckies puzzle range – plus the soon to arrive Screen Printing Kit – here)


Project Yourself – lo-fi phone projectors (in two colourways)*


For those who want to: turn their bedroom into an arthouse cinema / watch things on their phone only BIGGER (up to 8x to be precise).

*(The freshest and most striking new additions to our Smartphone Projector range)

adventure is always a good idea

Scratch Map Artist’s Edition – Dave Buonaguidi ‘Adventure Is Always a Good Idea’


For people into: past travels / future travels / travel inspiration / striking wall art / scratching foil off things / the world / Dave Buonaguidi.

(Loads more Scratch Maps here – we did come up with the idea after all.) 

calm club relaxation rituals

Calm Club Relaxation Rituals – scented relaxation kit


For appreciators of: incense / scented bath bombs / baoding balls (what are they?!) / candles / meditation / the importance of relaxation.

(Plenty more kits and gifts for relaxation and mindfulness in the Calm Club range)

game on magnetic chess set

Iron & Glory ‘Game On’ – magnetic travel chess set


For people who want to: play chess / learn chess / travel / give their brain a workout / watch The Queen’s Gambit.

the chartologist birds

The Chartologist* ‘Birds of Interest’ – interactive, illustrated wall art


For those who like: birds (of Eurasia and North America) / beautiful illustration / recording which birds they’ve seen and heard / nature / learning / wall art.

*(there’s more in The Chartologist range right here)

fuel candle

Fuel Candle – motor racing inpired scented candle


For fanatics of: cars / racing / Formula One / classic motor styling / metallic, smoky aromas with notes of pine and a hint of fuel.

(Want more motor racing inspired gifts?)

iron & glory rain check

Iron & Glory ‘Rain Check’ – 100% water-resistant A6 journal


For creatives who like: drawing / doodling / writing / planning / being inspired come rain or shine.

beer soap

Beer Soap – half pint of soap


For those who like: beer / cleanliness / crisp, slightly hoppy scents / soap that isn’t boring / a guilt-free shower beer

(if you want a guaranteed Hoppy Christmas, check out the full Beer range)


If you made it all the way to the bottom, we hope you found some gifting inspiration along the way.

If you haven’t quite found what you’re looking, firstly you’re buying for someone really difficult to please, secondly there’s plenty more good stuff – right here.

Merry Christmas!