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6 gift ideas for new home owners

If you’re stuck for gifts for new home owner’s, take a look at our 6 cool housewarming gift ideas, perfect for any new home owner! Whether you know someone who’s just taken the leap and bought their first home, or your children have flown the nest and moved into their first grown up flat / student digs, we’ve got the perfect housewarming gift ideas for you to christen their new home with. From kitchen accessories to home gadgets to world map posters, and even the obligatory potted plant, we’ve got housewarming gifts to suit all tastes.

Framed Scratch Map Deluxe – Perfect for living rooms and hallways

If you’re looking for gift ideas for new home owners, here’s one that’s so good it’s almost worth moving house for. Our most luxurious and detailed Scratch Map, the Deluxe is a stunning map of the world framed and ready for them to hang in their lounge or study. Printed in beautiful gold foil and matte black, they can use to display all the countries they’ve visited or to inspire future trips.

Milk Light – Ambient light perfect for the bedroom

A quirky and unusual  gift; this stylish rechargeable lamp is designed to look like a retro milk bottle, making it a cool gift for any new home.

housewarming gift ideas

Mapnetic – Magnetic map of the world for the fridge

Start off their fridge magnet collection with this dry wipe magnetic map of the world that allows them to document their travels around the world, as well as scribble notes and messages with the dry wipe pen included.

Nessie Family Gift Set – Ladle set for the kitchen

These make great housewarming gifts for students; the Nessie Ladle, Mama Nessie colander and Baby Nessie tea infuser will stop them raiding your kitchen for cooking utensils they can steal!

new home gift

Rocket Planter – Perfect for the living room

We told you there’d be a potted plant! If you want to take the traditional route of giving a houseplant as a gift, then jazz it up a bit with our fun ceramic rocket shaped plant pot. To give the full crashed rockets effect, pair it with some flame-like plants such as snake plant, aloe or house leek.

Classic Corkers – Dinner party gift

If you don’t know the person that well but you’ve been invited to the housewarming party, why not take a bottle to toast their new home with, together with some of our Classic Corkers for them to make their own little cork figures out of the leftover corks?

5 birthday gift ideas for men

If you’re stuck for birthday gift ideas for men, take a look at our top 5 birthday gifts for him. No matter what he’s into; Barbecues, Golf, or box sets of Family Guy, we’ve got the perfect birthday gift ideas for him. So don’t stress if you’ve left it to the last minute, or you’re all out of inspiration after outdoing yourself with last year’s present (we’ve all been there), put your feet up and choose one of these 5 birthday gift ideas for men. He’ll still be thanking you this time next year!

1. Scratch Map Platinum

The ultimate travel gift. This platinum edition of our scratch off world map makes a striking statement on any wall, making these excellent birthday present ideas for men who are well travelled. He’ll love scratching off the platinum foil to make his own personal travel record for all to see. This luxurious edition also has the added features of ownership information, a set of icon stickers to track memorable places and journeys, and a high quality scratch coin.

birthday gift ideas him

2. Magni Viewer

A unique gift idea for men who are movie lovers or TV boxset bingers. The Magni Viewer doubles their smartphone screen size meaning they can watch their favourite TV show on the move. Great for those long morning commutes, or watching the football in the garden. Yes, we know it’s winter but sometimes that’s the only place you can get any peace and quiet!

Birthday gift ideas for him

3. Hologram Viewer

A purely fun and frivolous gift. This futuristic gadget will give them hours of entertainment as they create and view their own holograms. The perfect man toy for men who are big kids at heart.

4. Brown Paper Bag

If you’re looking for useful birthday present ideas for men, this innovative gift is a lunch bag made from a durable, reusable and insulated material that will keep his meatball sub hot and his orange juice cold.

5. Barbecue Stamp

This cool gift is surely on every man’s birthday present list. With this must-have BBQ tool, he can personalise his burgers and steaks according to his guests preferences; ‘Black & Blue’, ‘Little bit of Blood’ or ‘Nearly Burnt’. Although we hope nobody’s purposefully burning good quality steaks out there. What a waste!

Leaving presents for him

Leaving presents and leaving gift ideas

If you’re looking for leaving gifts for a male colleague you’re probably trying to find the right balance between something thoughtful and memorable, and over the top sentimentality.

A bunch of flowers doesn’t last and is too, well, flowery. And booze is all well and good but it lacks the personal touch that shows how much they’ll be missed around the office. You could get them a t-shirt with a photo of your face printed on it so that they NEVER FORGET YOU. But here are some slightly more low key and less creepy ideas for leaving presents for him.

Smartphone Projector 2.0 DIY

This is an awesome gift for movie buffs, film lovers and TV binge watchers. This Smartphone Projector in a box allows it’s owner to project movies onto any wall so you can create your very own open air cinema in the garden or simply watch movies the old fashioned way (in bed). This special DIY edition would make the perfect leaving gift for him because it does black and with 4 coloured pens for you and the rest of the office to doodle and leave your messages of good luck / good riddance for the future.

Leaving presents for him

Milk Light

If you’re looking for unusual leaving presents for him that will stand the test of time and he can keep at home to remind him of his old office chums, then how about our Milk Light?

This stylish ambient lamp gives of a warm peaceful glow and with it’s rechargeable battery is Eco friendly too.

It’s designed to look like an old fashioned milk bottle so perhaps you could give it to someone who remembers the good old days when you had to order your milk from the milkman!

Leaving presents for him

Scratch Map Original

If you’re looking for leaving present ideas for someone who’s off travelling then this is the ideal unique leaving gift.

A Scratch off Map of the world so they can create their very own personal travel record. They’ll be thanking you long after they return from their grand adventure, and hopefully invite you round to show off how much of their map they’ve managed to scratch off.

Leaving presents for him

5 Thank you gifts they will never forget

If someone you know has ‘done you a solid’ recently; perhaps they helped you move house or recommended you for a new job, then you’ll need some extra special thank you gift ideas. Somehow flowers seem a bit impersonal and chocolates aren’t to everyone’s tastes. What you need are thank you gifts with a real personal touch that show the thanks is heartfelt and that you genuinely appreciate their effort and kindness. Lucky for you your first stop was Luckies then as we have 5 thank you gifts they will never forget.

1. Smartphone Projector & Speaker V2.0 Gift Set

thank you gifts

If you’re looking for a thank you gift for Dad to say thanks for fixing your car then this is a good bet. He can retreat to his man cave (garden shed) and enjoy reruns of Dad’s army, the football, Great British Bake Off or whatever his guilty pleasure is, projected straight from his smartphone.

2. Baby Nessie

If you’re looking for thank you gifts for her; perhaps a friend who did some emergency babysitting for you when you had a last minute job interview, or a work colleague who went above and beyond to help you out, then our Baby Nessie Tea Infuser is the perfect way to say thanks for being a life saver!

Baby Nessie tea infuser

3. You Complete Me

If you want to thank a loved one for being there for you in difficult times then say it with the You Complete Me jigsaw puzzle. You couldn’t find a more romantic way to say thank you than writing your personal message onto the jigsaw and then breaking it up for them to piece together themselves.

4. Just Hanging Kitchen Hooks

If you need a thank you gift for someone who’s a little bit quirky, then how about getting them one of our fun Kitchen Accessories like these kitchen hooks in the shape of cute little monkeys!

5. Barbecue Stamp

If you’re looking for a thank you gift for someone who loves to grill then this is a winner. They can personalise their meat with their very own branding iron. Who wouldn’t love that?

Say goodbye in style with 3 top farewell gifts

Buying a leaving gift can be quite a daunting task. You don’t want to be remembered as the person who said goodbye with a Nandos voucher, or a pair of slippers you’ve almost certainly mentioned not wanting when you came back to work after Christmas. No way. There are classier ways to say adios, no matter whether they’re leaving your shared place of work, living space, or your knitting circle; here’s some ways you can do better…

Under a tenner – Rainbow Notes

If you’re only wanting to get them a small token, and they’re moving to a new work space that’ll inevitably include a new desk, our Rainbow Sticky Notes are just the thing to brighten it up. 250 rainbow shaped sticky notes in 5 different colours, every single one of which will jog fond memories of you. Might we suggest secretly writing something nice in the middle of the block, to instigate added soppiness at leaving you behind.

Globetrotting – Adventure Journal

If they’re setting off for more internationally based pastures new, the AdventureJournal is perfect. Not only can they scratch off their journey as it unfolds on eight miniature maps, but if they’re worried about missing out on all the best bits, the Adventure journal comes with 300 bucket list activities they can (and should!) partake in all across the globe. So they’ll only have you to thank when they’re putting on their wet suit and climbing into the shark tank.

Group Effort – Memory Box

If you’re looking for something that everyone can get involved in, the Memory Box is exactly what you need. Club together with your mates to customise the box and fill it with your favourite memories of your departing comrade. With a tin for small keepsakes, a wallet for ticket stubs and postcards, and a screw top glass tube for holiday sand (or desk crumbs), there’s no way they won’t pull it out from time to time and remember you all fondly.

Top 3 Tech Gifts for the fun loving Gadget Man

Deluxe Smartphone Projector 2.0

Impress guests with a great icebreaker and entertaining party piece or get up close and cosy with a partner. The Smartphone projector uses technology and a retro replica projector to bring together hands on nostalgia of how we used to bring things alive without computer manipulation, vs modern phone accessibility to film and music.

Special Features that make this a great gift

  • Quality packaging with clear instructions in a neat sized box
  • A ready made fun gift just put lens and phone in and roll.
  • Made from 100% environmentally friendly materials
  • Pop in your mobile phone and roll with iphones 6 plus
  • A great mobile projector which is light weight and compact
  • adjustable focus

Smartphone Magnifier

A retro look portable T V made from strong quality cardboard with an original T V design. Watch movies from your phone with a group of friends hands free with this easy to use Smartphone Magnifier. Great fun and entertainment on the move, in the bath, chilling in the hot tub or camping with friends.

Special Features

  • Cool retro design fun gift
  • 8* Screen
  • Watch movies anywhere
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Smartphone Speaker 2

Complete your special gift with this attractive portable speaker. As part of the Smartphone techno range it comes in the same retro style or the original classy black pitted leather effect with silver rivet look corner trims.Looks like the real thing with great sound and volume but without the need of a sack truck ! Requires x 4 AA batteries

Special Features

  • 30 hours playback
  • Use with Smartphones, MP3 Players or Laptops
  • Easy to carry to the park or pool
  • Compliments the Techno gift range
  • Ready made from quality cardboard with metal grill