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Top 10 Cool Tech Gadgets for Men

Based on inventiveness, popular activity, usability, and be desirable, as a gift, look cool, and serve a purpose in as many situations as possible. A unique original design that says “I must have one of those” even if he is a man who has everything

1. The Pocket Tin Speaker

Music makes people happier. The radio is a lifestyle support system that helps us through our daily lives, it is soothing reassuring and motivating. A party without music would be very odd. The reason this is a top cool tech gadget is because it is a compact, sturdy speaker in a pocket sized good looking silver tin. 12 hours playback with a rechargeable USB cable and is portable and light but plays heavy tunes when you like, where you like.

2. Smartphone Speaker

Recent studies show that happiness and energy levels rise by 100% to 300 % when listening to music. Even surgeons listen to music to help them relax so having the cool retro looking smartphone speaker is a beat in a box that will blow the blues away on the beach, by the pool, camping and festivals with 40 hours play back, you can go all night, but you may need a nap the following afternoon !

3. Magni Viewer

Watching movies would be the next best thing to listening to music, but no tear jerk films if you want to keep your energy levels up. Greece is a feel good film, of course it is a musical ! This portable magnifier will double the size of movie screen from your phone. Enjoy movies as you travel or if you are stuck for a spot of entertainment in a field with no socket.

4. Smartphone Projector

Have some fun twinned with a blast from the past with this cardboard constructed projector that has a real lens and looks like the real deal, a retro projector from a time of slide shows and audiences. Pop your phone inside the opening at the back and adjust the focus of the lens at the front. Turn down the lights and watch all the fun you had on your holidays from your phone. A night in with pop corn or a laugh with mates on a dark night out in the wilderness. Hours of fun, nostalgia and gadget entertainment

5. Smartphone Magnifier

Looks like the old teak T V set, this retro cool tech gadget will entertain friends or relax you in the bath for a sneaky bit of “ME” time. A mobile T V that will take movies off your phone and project them onto an 8 in screen. No wires , no mess, but yes to I will have fun when I like and where I like. Looking cool with a unique gadget with a tech twist and a smart look. To view Smartphone Magnifier in more detail click here.

6. Camera Light

Don’t you just love to see something that looks like something but is in fact something else and does something else. Are you lost yet? Well you won’t be if you get one of these lovely looking tech gadgets, cool on the inside and cool on those great outdoor adventures. The retro camera styled portable light is turned off and on with the shutter for an instant guide in the dark. Don’t get lost, get this catchy clever cool snappy tech gadget. Light up your set with a camera light !

7. Milk Light

Don’t put it on your doorstep. Collections stopped long since, on the milk cart leaving notes for your daily delivery of dairy. The milk light is a rechargeable ambient light for a soothing night sleep after a hot milky drink. A cool looking gift at a dinner party, a soft relax in the bath, or a nightlight when you don’t want to startle other sleepers.Comes with a USB cable and lasts up to 6 hours.

8. Adventure Wristband

The slap on wristband packed with 8 GB for portable information of 1000 photos. A techno gadget on the wrist to plug in wherever you dock designed in a rugged brown leather band with built in technology, on person so will not get lost out of the pockets, and water resistant for the great outdoors. Stay in touch, save and use on the move, the cool tech gadget with a big memory.

9. Luma light

Could be the smallest, cutest, coolest, smartest tech gadget on the planet. A light that is styled as a miniature table lamp, that plugs into the smart phone, that takes up no room, but lights up the whole room. That is a good deal. AND with a choice of a red or grey clip to hold in place makes this little lovely a top affordable gadget for everyone, a must have for travel or home. Click here to view the Luma Light in detail.

10. Hologram viewer

A technical gadget that allows you to create and view and send 3D images like those of science fiction film, a personalised gift allowing you to create messages and images to enjoy and share. An out of this world tech gadget with artistic fun and entertainment. A mysterious message sent by text message for the receiver of this gift to guide them through download and how to use personalised content. Beam me up and blow me away with this cool tech gadget for hours of spaced out fun . Click here to view the Hologram Viewer in detail.