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Pushpin Collectables

If you’ve had a swizz around the Luckies range you’ll know that we are big fans of silly stationary. We just love staying organised but we like to do it with a smile on our face which is why we LOVE these cork board push pins!
If you like the idea of sticking your boss’s head through a pile of paper work then Pinhead Pushpins are the perfect pin for you. These little men in their boring blue suits and macho poses are ready and raring to get their heads stuck into your business. Its probably the only time you’ll enjoy having a pinhead around!

Or perhaps your desk is like a battle field? Get some law and order to your notice board with these Medieval Weapon Pushpins. In the box you get 10 deadly weapons. We don’t want to encourage violent behaviour but if you did ever wonder what it would feel like to drive an axe through your list of things to do, this is probably the safest way to do it. These classic weapons from ye olde times will bring a little adventure to your corkboard.
Now, we are afraid we’re going to have to get all motherly on you now and tell you that under no circumstances should these Pushpin Collectibles be used as a toy and they are not suitable for children!