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Everyone loves a trip to the cinema, but sometimes you don’t want to pay 20 quid for a small bag of jelly babies, sit behind someone who doesn’t know how to turn the volume on their phone down, or even have to take you pyjamas off to leave your house. In these instances, the only thing you need is a Luckies Smartphone Projector. Organise viewings right in your own living room. Whether you charge your mates extortionate prices for Pick n Mix is entirely up to you.

People who win the lottery get a home cinema built in their house. That’s the first thing they all do. I mean, it might not be, but it should. Remember Richie Rich? He had a cinema AND a McDonalds. But look, we digress. Basically, there isn’t a person on Earth who doesn’t love a good trip to the flicks, but sometimes you don’t want to go out. Sometimes you want to have your own private screenings of your favourite films in your own living room, with a big bowl of reasonably priced supermarket popcorn, and only your mates present.
The Luckies Smartphone Projector comes in number of different finishes; black, gold, copper and wood finish. You can even get a DIY version which come comes adorned with patterns and pens for you to colour it in however you want to. You can purchase it as a gift set with our Smartphone Speaker, for the ultimate home cinema experience. The projector plays whatever you load on your phone, so it doesn’t even have to be movies. YouTube videos, TV streaming, maybe a Vine of a dancing dog you’re particularly taken with. The world is your oyster is your cinema, so go for it.

We made the black Smartphone Projector a few years back, and it’s been one of our best sellers ever since. Whether it is Christmas, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day or a birthday – Smartphone Projector makes a cool gift! Now available in 2.0 so no glue is required – all you need to do is choose from Brown leather effect, Black and Gold, Copper and White to customise yourself – there’s a Smartphone Projector for everyone.

Not only do they make the perfect unusual gift for any occasion, they are also great for those lucky (and annoying) souls who seem to already have everything. Whether you’re transforming your Dad’s man cave into a sports arena, your brothers front room into a home cinema, or your bestie’s camping trip into a full on Jurassic Park experience, they’ve proved to be a hit with the whole family.

Because of their success, we’ve launched a whole range of customised projector kits, from the ready made 2.0 to the Black & Gold edition for the dapper chap who wants to impress. Or how about the 2.0 DIY version – a customisable smartphone projector for those that want to put their own stamp on their home gadgets. For extra brownie points why not try the Smartphone Projector and Speaker Gift Set, a complete cinema experience without having to leave the comfort of the couch!

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