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Ogami Professional Mini Soft Cover Notebook

The Ogami Professional Mini Hard Cover Notebook is a sophisticated and beautifully designed pocket sized notebook available with plain or lined or pages (128). It measures in at 90 x 140mm. The Ogami Professional Mini Hard Cover Notebook has an elastic closure and an inside pocket for lil’ receipts. However, its not just the beautifully simple design of these notepads that make them more sophisticated than most, no no no. What makes the Ogami notepad range special is that they are made not of paper, but of stone. Cool huh? This revolutionary stone paper is called REPAP and consists of 80% calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and 20% non-toxic resin (HDPE High Density Polyethylene).

The calcium carbonate derives from material recovered from quarries and building industry waste. Its reduced to a fine powder and mixed with special non toxic resins to create REPAP stone paper. There are also some wonderful characteristics about these notebooks which will warm your cockles and reduce your carbon footprint… To kick us off, no trees were hurt in the making of them. They’re tree free!! Unlike traditional or recycled paper, water is not used in the production of them. No chlorine, acids or petroleum-based substances were used. It is waterproof (good for today’s forecast and for when you get a moment of inspiration in the bath!) and is WAY more resistant to tearing and atmospheric agents than traditional paper. And well, to put it bluntly, its smoother to the touch than any other notepads. Its just so damned classy!! Ogami Professional Mini Hard Cover Notebooks are available in black, white, grey and mint.