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Boring kitchen accessories are a thing of the past. There are now masses of innovative, functional and well designed utensils to satisfy even the most ambitious cook. However, sometimes you don’t just want kitchen gadgets to serve a purpose, sometimes you want to add a little personality to everyday tasks in the kitchen. Nessie Ladle is one such thing. Make your soup or sauce more exciting with this fabulous alternative to the boring old wooden spoon or standard metal ladle.

And of course, it is always soup season. Not only the perfect food for winter, but home-made soup is an ideal food for that healthy new start to the year. Hearty comfort food, along with soup, stews, casseroles all need a ladle. But now they can actually have a Nessie Ladle to make your food more fun to prepare and dish up!

Nessie Ladle

Nessie the Ladle

The Nessie Soup Ladle, far from being as scary as the real thing (not that many have spotted it), is incredibly cute, colourful and designed to brighten up any kitchen. Plus Nessie is no ordinalry, functional kitchen utensil – she actually revolutionises the ordinary ladle, with her four little legs that keep her upright on work surfaces or in pots and pans. Gone are the challenges of trying to balance your ladle on the edge of your saucepan as you use it. Nessie can simply stand on your kitchen counter without worry of it toppling over and making a mess, giving you more time to focus on creating culinary masterpieces!

Nessie the soup ladle

Nessie will also brighten up any dinner and/or lunch table when you use her to serve up food. Colourful, made of plastic, Nessie is fun and functional and a real design classic. A fabulous gift for anyone who loves cooking and creating in the kitchen, Nessie Ladle can sit dipped in the pot, or on the kitchen surfaces ready to stir or serve.