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Mini QMEN Magnets

These mini QMEN are flexible plastic magnets that are as versatile as they are cute! They have strong magnets on their feet and hands and can stick to each other like glue to make all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can even make bracelets out of them!! But QMEN are also very useful as you can use them to keep your menus, flyers, lists, photo’s (or any other bits of paper you have lying about) safe and firmly stuck to the fridge or metal board. I fact, there are very few surfaces that QMEN don’t look cool! The magnets used in QMEN are rare earth magnets which are the most powerful you can get, plus they’re oh so natural. Also, QMEN are available in an array of colours… translucent in blue, yellow, pink and purple. Solid colour in white, black, pink, orange, lime, red, yellow and purple. So many to choose from, you may as well get em all!!