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Matchstick Candles

The Nuop candle range is great fun and the Matchstick Candles are no exception!! They come packaged in a cute little matchbox slightly bigger than a real one and inside are 12 matchstick shaped candles. Matchstick Candles are the perfect accessory for any birthday party whether you are sticking them in cupckakes, birthday cakes or your favourite dessert. At Luckies we know that some novelty candles burn out before they’ve even been breathed on by the birthday boy/girl so its with great pleasure that we inform you the wick goes right to the bottom of the candle so you’ve got time to get all the way to the end of “Happy Birthday” without them fizzling out.
As a nice little touch, on the back of the Matchstick Candles box there is a little To… and From… message, which means you can give them away as a gift as well as on top of a chocolate sponge.
Remember that you must always burn candles within site, keep them out of reach from children and pets and absolutely never burn them on or near anything that is flammable – so that’s Aunty Edna’s wig!!