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The Luckies of London Pre-Travel Checklist

Luckies Pre Travel Checklist

About to jet off on the holiday of a lifetime? Ah mate, we’re so jealous. But before you start packing up your stuff (do you really need five pairs of sunglasses?!), let Team Luckies offer you a few words of savvy pre-travel advice…

1. Wandering aimlessly around Alaska might’ve worked for Christopher McCandless in Into The Wild, but it’s probably not going to work for you. Make sure you plan your adventures well in advance by reading a few travel guides, looking over maps of the local area and coming up with a rough itinerary. The Travelogue from Luckies has plenty of space to plot and plan your journey, plus a travel checklist, top tips and eight regional scratch maps to mark off as you go.
2. It’s a bit of a no-brainer, but make sure your travel insurance covers all the essentials. If not, you’re going to seriously regret the day you catch a stomach bug, have your wallet stolen and drop your iPhone in the Ganges.
2. Ever tried stuffing two-litres of vodka, a giant Toblerone and an unnecessarily large sombrero into your luggage on the way back home? ‘Cause trust us, it ain’t gonna end well. Make room for all your souvenirs in advance with the Travel Style Folding Bag from ALIFE. It’s a handy, fold-out, shower-proof travel bag that’ll take up hardly any space in your backpack, and opens up into a massive holdall. Win.
3. Having to run through town in just a pair of pants was probably quite funny in Kavos ’08, but you might not find it quite so funny if your clothes go AWOL on your flight to the French Alps. Minimise the chances of your bag going walkies by clearly writing down your name, address and contact details on a colourful, glossy Alife luggage tag – and tying a few colourful shoe laces around the handles won’t go amiss either.
5. Let’s face it – nobody wants to be that douchebag who spends a full 10 minutes fumbling through their bags, frantically trying to find their passport at the check-in desk. Avoid being at the receiving end of exasperated sighs, tuts and eye rolls from fellow passengers by keeping all your travel documents in one place. The Airmail travel documents wallet from Monkey Business will keep your passports, boarding pass and foreign currency in order, making those panic-stricken OMG-I’ve-left-everything-behind moments a thing of the past. Phew.