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Leaving presents for him

Leaving presents and leaving gift ideas

If you’re looking for leaving gifts for a male colleague you’re probably trying to find the right balance between something thoughtful and memorable, and over the top sentimentality.

A bunch of flowers doesn’t last and is too, well, flowery. And booze is all well and good but it lacks the personal touch that shows how much they’ll be missed around the office. You could get them a t-shirt with a photo of your face printed on it so that they NEVER FORGET YOU. But here are some slightly more low key and less creepy ideas for leaving presents for him.

Smartphone Projector 2.0 DIY

This is an awesome gift for movie buffs, film lovers and TV binge watchers. This Smartphone Projector in a box allows it’s owner to project movies onto any wall so you can create your very own open air cinema in the garden or simply watch movies the old fashioned way (in bed). This special DIY edition would make the perfect leaving gift for him because it does black and with 4 coloured pens for you and the rest of the office to doodle and leave your messages of good luck / good riddance for the future.

Leaving presents for him

Milk Light

If you’re looking for unusual leaving presents for him that will stand the test of time and he can keep at home to remind him of his old office chums, then how about our Milk Light?

This stylish ambient lamp gives of a warm peaceful glow and with it’s rechargeable battery is Eco friendly too.

It’s designed to look like an old fashioned milk bottle so perhaps you could give it to someone who remembers the good old days when you had to order your milk from the milkman!

Leaving presents for him

Scratch Map Original

If you’re looking for leaving present ideas for someone who’s off travelling then this is the ideal unique leaving gift.

A Scratch off Map of the world so they can create their very own personal travel record. They’ll be thanking you long after they return from their grand adventure, and hopefully invite you round to show off how much of their map they’ve managed to scratch off.

Leaving presents for him