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Key Pete super strong magnetic key holder

Losing your keys before work or a night out is SOOOO annoying! But what if you always knew where they were because your good ole’ mate Pete had em’ all along..? That would be brilliant yes? Well look no further!

Key Pete is as cute as a truck load of kittens and as strong as an ox!! He’s a reliable guardian of your keys, in fact Key Pete can hold up to 30 keys (plus whatever else metallic you want to bung on there). He holds them with his amazingly strong magnetic arm, while the other arm can cling to any surface from a filing cabinet to a fridge!

Key Pete (keep it – get it!? Ahem) is like that mate you couldn’t live without. The kind that would call you a cab at the end of the night and make sure you got home OK.

Available in red and blue, Key Pete is a great gift for everyone!