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Kaboom Candles

These Kaboom Candles are SOOOO CUTE! Kaboom Candles are an excellent edition to a birthday cake – especially for the boys! The cartoonlike black bombs nestle in nicely on your Victoria sponge or chocolate gateaux to jazz up your birthday cake a treat! Inside the box you get 6 x little bomb shaped candles that actually FIZZ and SPARKLE once lit. How cool is that? We hasten to add that Kaboom Candles don’t actually explode, they are strictly decoration!!!! They’re based on the iconic cartoon bomb we used to watch in those classic cartoons such as Road Runner, Bugs Bunny and Wacky Races – we all remember Road Runner getting his own back on Coyote when he stuck a bomb in his path. Now you can cover your cake in teeny, tiny bombs. KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You must always remember to keep your eye on a burning candle and never leave the room once you have lit it. Also, please keep out of reach from children and pets and finally, don’t stand them on or near something that is likely to catch fire.