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Protect your tablet with the unique iPad Cover by Luckies

Looking for an iPad cover with a unique difference? Look no further! The main appeal of tablets and iPads is there portability and ease of use, anytime any place. However that can mean you are carrying some of your most valuable and prized possessions around with you day in day out. You want to keep them safe from damage, and concealed from view as you travel but want something a little different right? The Undercover Tablet Sleeve by Luckies of London might look like a shabby old padded envelope, but it’s actually a highly durable and well designed case for your tablet. Enabling you to carry it with you whoever you want, in the street, or on public transport and no one will have any idea that you’re not carrying a normal jiffy bag! It is the perfect disguise, an iPad Sleeve that looks like a second hand envelope. It will deter any thief or opportunist and enable you to feel far more confident about carrying your gadget around with you.

Ipad cover

More than your usual iPad cover

Secondly it offers protection to your tablet. It has a strong, tough outer layer make from Tyvek, making it splash proof, writable and tear proof. If you panic about leaving it in your car, having it in your locker at the gym or carrying it around with you then invest in this product and worry no more. It’s an iPad Cover which is actually far more than just an iPad cover!  It’s got a cool style to it, it will be of no interest to thieves or opportunists and it will protect your precious gadget in and out of your bag, all at the same time.