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How to host the perfect Christmas Party

christmas party gifts

So you’ve decided to host a Christmas party this year. You’ve sent the Facebook invites out and text your weird mates who aren’t on Facebook. You’ve ordered the online shop full of booze and festive treats, and you’ve decorated the house top to bottom. But now panic is setting in. Have you ordered enough booze? How will you entertain people one they’re here? Do you need to plan party games? Have you ordered enough booze though?! Relax, it’s Xmas, everything will be fine as long as you follow our simple guide on how to host the perfect Christmas Party

1. Chill out!

No one likes an uptight, stressed house running around asking everyone if they’re ok every 5 mins. Take their coats, offer them a drink and let them relax and feel at ease. One way to get them instantly in the party spirit is to offer them a drink in one of our Party Cups. These mix and match cups can make 48 different characters meaning everyone can have a unique one and that will come in handy later when they are wondering which drink was theirs! Party cups also make excellent Xmas gift ideas for people who love to host parties.

Christmas party gifts

2. Christmas Party gifts to get people mingling

A great idea for an ice breaker is to give each of your guests one of our Classic Corkers to make their own their own little cork character out of wine bottle corks. It also encourages more drinking, which is another well known ice breaker! You can also give out some Animal Corkers and Robot Corkers too to mix it up a bit. Before long everyone will be having a right old lark seeing what funny animal / robot / creature they can make. And if you have any left over the end; these make great Xmas gifts for him or stocking fillers for everyone.

Xmas party gifts

3. Christmas Party to keep the fun going

If at any point in the party you feel that dreaded lull in the atmosphere, where you can almost feel the sigh coming on and the ‘Well, we’d better head off’ then it’s time to bring out the Book of Masks! Ranging from clowns to Cleopatra, Book of Masks is a hardback book containing 30 tear-out fancy dress masks, you can use them to set up a xmas photo booth in the corner! Everyone loves a photo booth right? These also make lovely Christmas present ideas for her.