wedding thank you gifts

Wedding thank you gifts are not a new phenomenon. Weddings are notoriously difficult to pull off on your own and there’ll be a lot of people to thank at yours once the cake is cut and it’s time for the speeches. There’s your friend Julie for making the cake, your Dad for paying for the wine, your mum for helping you out with the more expensive dress, your bridesmaids for throwing you an awesome hen do and the best man for not killing the groom on his stag do. And don’t, whatever you do, forget to thank Auntie Joan for the hand knitted wedding garter she gave you or she’ll never let you forget it! Your wedding party is full of special people who have gone the extra mile to make your day extra special, and you’ll want to get them all memorable thank you gifts to show how much they’re appreciated.

If you’re looking for thank you gifts for loved ones such as your Mum and Dad, then why not give them one of our Memory Boxes so they can store all their mementos of your wedding day in one special place. An invitation, order of service, a dried buttonhole, some confetti and photos of you all dressed up and all together. After all, as your Mum will keep on telling you; “It’s her day too!”

If you’re looking for unusual wedding thank you gift ideas then how about giving every one of the wedding party their very own Smartphone Projector 2.0 DIY? They can use it to watch and share your wedding video with all their friends, and the best part is that you can personalise the outside with your very own special thank you message to them. A personalised wedding gift that everyone can enjoy.

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Adventure Journal

Scratch Map® maps and booklet with 300+ bucket list experiences.
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Adventure Map ™

A Scratch Map® map featuring over 280 ‘must do’ bucket list experiences.
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Animal Corkers

Pin your corks to life!
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Baby Nessie Tea Infuser

A miniature Nessie to hold loose tea and make your perfect brew!
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£8.95 Select options

Barbecue Stamp

Make your own unique mark on steaks and personalise your plate!
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Beanie Bottle Stopper

Bottle stoppers that look like beanies. Simple.
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£12.95 Select options

Biskviti Tea Infuser

Biscuit shaped tea infuser
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Book of Masks

Liven up any social occasion with this book of tear out party masks!
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Brown Paper Bag

Insulated lunch bag with magnetic fastening
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Camera Light

Battery-powered bedside light
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Chalkboard Map

Plot your travel plans around the world on this self-adhesive chalkboard.
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Chili Herb Infuser

Add a little flavour to your dishes with Chili Herb Infuser!
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Clippa Mini Tools Clip

A hair clip that doubles as a mini tool kit!
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Coloring fun for travellers
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Corkboard Map

Pin around the world
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Spiral slicer for Cucumbers and Zucchini
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Framed Scratch Map® Deluxe

Scratch Map® Deluxe poster in a black frame.
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Framed Scratch Map® Original

Scratch Map® Original poster in a white frame
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