Wedding Gifts

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Buying a wedding gift is twice as hard as buying any other kind of gift, because you’re buying it for two people instead of one, given to them on the day of their union, presumably to go in their marital home. Talk about a panic. Should you get them a home gift? Kitchen gift? How will it fare against that giant stack at the wedding reception? Will it even stand out? Alright, now we’ve identified your gifting fears, let us allay them. We’ve got perfect gifts for weddings, whether the couple are into travel, cooking, or you’re someone’s plus one and have no idea what they like!

Being invited to a wedding is a pretty stressful affair. Yeah, we know they have to organise the biggest even of their life, and then vow their love to a room full of people whose dinners they also have to pay for.

But you have to find a suitable outfit. You have to get yourself there. You have to navigate 300 rounds of awkward “oh so how do you know the happy couple” chat. And you have to buy them a wedding gift. There’s so much to choose from, you’re bound to be faced with option paralysis. But don’t worry.

Luckies of London have more than enough cool, quirky, and unusual wedding gifts. If the couple are going travelling, then a Scratch Map is just the thing. Whether they’re leaving for their honeymoon straight away, or have some travelling planned post giant party hangover, they can remove the foil as they jetset together.

New home planned? We have planters, framed maps, ambient lighting solutions, and cool kitchen gadgets for date night. Basically, as long as you’re here, you can’t go wrong, and if you think you have, just take the name tag off and push it deep into the wedding presents mountain.