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If you’re looking for unusual gifts look no further! No one wants to be accused of giving a boring birthday present, and no one wants to receive one either. If you’re trying to source something for someone who might be a little harder to please in the gift department, no need to panic, just take a look at some of our more unusual gadgets and gizmos below.

We’ve all wound up with a gift that could be described as a little underwhelming. A bar of soap. Coasters. Chap stick. Those packets of tissues with the patterns printed on them. There’s no end to what people will offer up as a gift, big eyes, waiting for your “ooooh” and “ahhhhh” and “it’s so weird, I was just saying how much I really needed a mouse mat with the 2019 calendar on it”. Get down from your high horse though, because we’ve probably given those gifts too in a pinch.

At Luckies, our in-house design team strive to create something a touch unusual, setting us apart from the pack and ensuring the exclamations of gratitude you get are a little more genuine. Whether it’s for a him, her, Christmas, or birthday, we have quite the collection of strange and wonderful things that are bound to do the trick for those trickier gift receivers.

The Clippa Mini Tools Clip is ideal for any covert Carmen San Diego/James Bonds you need to buy for. Maybe our Scratch Map feels a little flat (get it?) for your fusspot, and you think a Scratch GLOBE they build themselves might be the way to go. Problem solving gadgets for the kitchen, garden, office (and a little further afield for those off on their travels) have all been put together here for your approval.

Don’t get us wrong, maybe you really do jump for joy when you unwrap another Toblerone, multipack sports socks, or the most dreaded gift of all – SMELLIES, but we’re guessing not. And really even if you do, there’s no harm in thinking a little outside the box sometimes, and that’s where we think best. You’re out of excuses now, no more novelty flashing brooches.