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If some intrepid globetrotter you’re friends with (even though they make you super jealous) is lucky enough to be off ANOTHER international expedition around the world, well then you’re going to want to buy them a gift.

I mean, you might not want to given that you are constantly forced to endure Instagram posts of them on backpacking on elephants and mountaintops whilst sitting at your desk on a Monday morning, but you know deep down it’s nice to buy a gift for someone off to explore the countries far and wide, and you also know that if you do it, you’ll get a cool fridge magnet from every country they visit. And quite honestly, who doesn’t want magnets and postcards from Europe, Asia, America, and beyond?

As the designer and creator of a collection of some of the most unique and cool travel gifts, not least of all the Scratch Map (and all the many versions we’ve spawned from the idea since the Original), there’s nothing Luckies of London knows better than travel gifts. From luggage labels for those travel addicts who like their holiday adventures a little more organised and refined, to night lights for the traveller who seeks their journey sleeping in the great outdoors.

Whatever the preferred brand of wanderlust for your fortuitous gift receiver, whatever their destination, whichever oceans they’re crossing and islands they’re hopping; Luckies has everything you need.

If they go on so many vacations you’re concerned they’ll forget where they’ve even been, our Travelogue is the perfect gift. Featuring smaller Scratch Map postcards, this journal has plenty of space for making notes, planning world tours, keeping tickets, logging flights, and writing down all the addresses they need for sending postcards home to those of us who might only get as close to Italy this year as ordering a pizza online.

Maybe a DIY travel gift would be more your intrepid traveller’s bag, so rather than a Scratch Map, why not try our Scratch Globe? Flat pack until they choose to unpack it and assemble, the Scratch Globe is a compact 3D scratchable perfect for documenting all their travels to a distant land or two.

If they’re off to unpredictable climes but still want to record it all for posterity, the Waterproof Notebook will stand up to all weather. Pulling it out of a soggy backpack to make notes in the jungle, on the beach, sitting at the top of a Redwood, all their memories will safe whatever the weather is doing.