Travel Gifts Under £10

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With so many of us galavanting around the world these days, it can seem like every second Tuesday you’re going to your local for a farewell do. So you’d be forgiven for not wanting to shell out a fortune each time one of your friends wants to ‘go and find themselves,’ otherwise known as raving in Goa. That’s why we’ve picked our favourite travel gifts under £10 – they’ll never know you’ve tightened the purse strings and you’ll not have to bankrupt yourself for their sense of wanderlust.

You could get them Luma, a miniature table lamp that is great for the avid traveler – perfect for navigating the hoard of snoring travellers in a hostel room when nipping out for a midnight wee. Or the classic Round Luggage Tag is bound to go down a treat with anyone with more foreign currencies in their purse than the Bureau de Change. If you’re really trying to impress, we recommend OMY Pocket Games and Colouring Roll. This self-contained bundle of fun can keep even the more fidgety flyer entertained for hours. Heck, it’s almost worth going on a 14 hour flight just to play with them!