Travel gadgets

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Looking for travel gadgets? Look no further!

Here at Luckies we have gone that extra mile to conceive great designed Travel Gadgets that are not just functional but are incredibly unique and cool making them a pleasure to give as a gift for the man who has everything, our Top 5 Gadgets make for impressive gifts that will take you away from conventional thinking for the happy camper, the adventurous road tripper, the festival goer or the globe trotter.

We recognise that Smartphones have become our navigating buddies so we have an impressive range of must have Smartphone Gadgets. Let the Luma Smartphone be your guided light, and the Smartphone portable speakers entertain you, and we will keep your Buddy safe with our undercover phone sleeve.

Have a safe journey with our Travel Gadgets and make sure you have lots of fun. Don’t forget to record it on the Scratch Map personalised World Map Poster.

If you’re well aware that your best friend is a travel gadget loving globetrotter you may think you’re on the home run when their birthday rolls around. But when it comes to the crunch, there are so many routes you could take when buying presents for those with a touch of the wanderlust… Do they enjoy the latest in travel technology?

Or would they be more into some clever space saving solutions? Or perhaps they’re just looking for something to take their mind off their impending fifteen hour bus journey sitting next to that guy who hasn’t washed since last June and has decided that their shoulder is the perfect pillow for the next 600 kilometres.

Here at Luckies, we’ve collated every kind of travel gadgets imaginable, to cater to both seasoned hostel hoppers and the dreamers whose travels are currently just a twinkle in their eyes.

So whether you’re looking for an unusual gift for your best gal pal or a present to win you over with the retired in-laws, look no further. For a practical gift, go for the Explorer Bottle – a stainless steel water vessel that attaches to your clothes for easy use on those hikes through the jungle, up mountains, or to your nearest Burger King (we know the importance of home comforts when you’re away from home).

Or if your loved one is known for never leaving the comfort of their sofa (let alone the country) without their gadgets, why not try our range of Undercover Gadget Sleeves? Perfect to put those pesky pickpockets off the scent…