Travel Gadgets for Him

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You’ve got a him. He’s cool. He’s off travelling. You need to buy him a gadget so he stays in one piece and eventually returns to you. So even though you might be far too jealous to go off wading for anything too pricey, now you’ve got our Travel Gadgets For Him section and it’s here to solve all your problems, and maybe even a few of his.

Lads holiday. Lads weekend away. Lads gap year. Slightly older than a lad, maybe going on a hike in a canyon/the jungle/an arctic wasteland. Maybe even older than that lad popping off to Sandals for two weeks. You’ve got a lot of lads in your life; dads, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, not to mention the ones who don’t happen to be related to you. If their birthday or Christmas happily coincides with the news they’re going away, you’re going to want to get them something cool and useful for their travels. Fortuitous then, that you’ve ended up here, as here at Luckies, we’ve got plenty of travel gadgets for you.
For the medium sized lad, who might just be old enough to remember a time you got your milk in a bottle on the doorstep, the Milk Light is a great travel gadget to give as a gift. Whether you think he’ll need it for lighting his way back from the communal bathroom in the hostel, digging for mosquito repellent in his tent in the middle of the night, or reading a book on the beach as the sun goes down (we’re only really envious of the last one), it’s a chargeable ambient light, whih means no having to learn the word for “batteries” in seventeen different languages.
We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again; you give the good presents, you get the good presents, and when your giftee is jetting off to foreign lands, there’s no telling what you could get in return. For your sake, we hope it isn’t just a massive parrot carved out of local fauna. Those things are pretty difficult to find a big enough hiding place for all the time your mate isn’t visiting.