Travel Accessories

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Your journey is in safe hands with Luckies. We are well travelled and understand what makes smooth travel. It is the small things that matter, that can lead to big problems if you haven’t considered the must have travel accessories. Humans have been travelling and moving around since the dawn of time, we see spectacular countries in the movies and programmes like Hairy Bikers road trips and David Attenborough Planet Earth and the dream of travel is ignited.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a man that has everything then a gift that creates experience is the way to go. Once you have your Scratch Map the planning begins, and it is time to prepare and what could be a more thoughtful birthday gift or fathers day present than the great range of luckies functional travel accessories to simplify travel for a ” No Stress” journey. Stand out from the crowd, personalise your luggage and avoid loosing your belongings with the Happy Flight tags by designer “Alfie”, in classy enamel finish and a choice of 6 striking colours, and match this up with travel organiser and passport cover.

We have so much to offer you in travel gifts, we have it covered for all budgets with gifts starting from just £5 and many under £10. We have tech gifts like the Pocket Tin Speaker, our best seller gadget gift, The undercover phone, i pod or laptop sleeve, and the ultimate in packing gifts for the tidy suitcase with no mess. The Happy Flight by Alfie pouch range for t shirts, shoes and first aid items.

When buying a present for that special someone who’s been bitten by the travel bug, it can be a daunting task to whittle down the endless gift possibilities to just one or two. The pressure of finding something that will make the cut into the 23kg baggage allowance can be all consuming. That’s why, in a bid to find the most unusual gifts for the men and women that have everything, we’ve curated some of the best travel accessories known to the wandering world.

If you’re struggling to find something suitable for that first time traveller, the First Aid Pouch is a sure fire win. When you’re in an unfamiliar terrain and concentrating on having fun rather than looking where you’re walking/paragliding/surfing, you’re bound to encounter a minor scrape or two.

Or if you know your friend is an avid journal keeper, try our Waterproof Notebook – perfect for jotting down thoughts mid-waterfall hike or during the monsoon season, this handy notebook was given a smudge free superpower.

But if you really want to get into the good books of a traveller, it’s all about keeping them entertained during the less talked about travelling moments. We’re talking about three hour bus ticket queues, thirty-six hour coach journeys, four day stomach bug moments. For these not-so-glamourous moments, try OMY’s Pocket Map or Pocket Tin Speaker – small enough to fit in their bag but fun enough to pass some time.