Stocking Fillers

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Everyone knows you get a main present, and you get a stocking. That’s how it works. And if you’ve got stockings to fill, then we’ve got just what you need to fill them.

Gifts and gadgets of all shapes and sizes, whoever you’re buying for. Small enough in size and price to mean that you can maybe select your lucky gift receiver a few from our greatest Christmas hits below.

Remember how Father Christmas (your parents) would joke every year that you’d been terrible and fill your stocking with lumps of coal and satsumas, take a photo of the look on your face, and then show you your real presents? No? Just us? Well regardless, we’re all grown up now, so we know that joke was never funny.

This means, if you’re in charge of any stockings this year, it is your responsibility to fill them with festive joy, not empty walnut shells, no matter how funny you think that might be.

Pretty much anything here at Luckies falls into the size and price categories relevant to the traditional definition of a stocking filler, so all you need to do is pick a theme and roll with it.

Whether your giftee enjoys spending time in the kitchen, garden, working in their office, or travelling, we definitely have what you need to pad out that stocking.

Everyone’s Christmas is different – some people unpack their stockings before the main gifts, others after, we even heard that some people are allowed to open theirs on Christmas Eve, although that isn’t something we could possible condone. Regardless of when it’s opened, selecting from our category above means that you’re guaranteed a smiling face, which is more than you’ll get if you fill the stocking with rocks and carrots.