Stationery For Her

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There isn’t a desk on the face of the earth that couldn’t do with looking a bit more exciting. Boring, plain lined notebooks, black staplers, and pencils that don’t even have novelty erasers on the top. These are not the things you need to take names as a strong female in a business based environment. How are you to be expected to work in conditions like that? Well, you’re not, quite frankly. So scroll down for a few bits that’ll solve that problem for you.

Whether you’re buying for yourself, or have a mum, aunt, girlfriend, wife, or some other variety of Her in your life that just loves a bit of stationery, you’re in the right place.

We have everything that a girl, no matter her age, might want for her office space. Whether it’s home or work that she smashes her paperwork, an art heavy desk where she paints and sculpts up a storm, or a techies paradise where everything is wireless and touchscreen, you’ll be able to find a gift for her (or you) right here.

Our Rainbow Sticky Notes will brighten up any workspace, no matter how dull and dreary the task. Rainbow shaped stickies in a variety of colours. For taking down numbers, to-dos, what to get for lunch, and our personal favourite; writing fibs on when someone calls your deskmate and you want them to say you’re out of the office/on holiday/missing presumed dead, obviously depending on the severity of the incoming call.

If she loves a colourful workplace and wants to stick flair up all over the office, the Doodle Washi Tape is just the thing. Sticky tape (but not so sticky it rips your wallpaper off) that can be coloured in and customised with the coloured pencils included. Functional art! What more could a woman want?