Small post it notes

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Ice Lolly Notes

Ice Lolly Notes are small, cute and are the perfect addition to any desktop. These small sticky notes are perfect for any desk at the office or by the phone at home. This miniature notepad is made up from a 1000 tiny circle notes in various colours with a pencil as the Ice Lolly stick, super cute.

City Notes

City Notes are small stick square notes with famous skylines from Paris, London and New York. These modest notes are perfect as a notepad at home or the office, also perfect as a bookmark or in the kitchen.

Rainbow Notes

If you’re looking for small sticky post it notes to brighten up your desk, look at these cute Rainbow Notes. 250 bright, colourful memo notes for work or home.

Matchstick Notelets
Matchstick Notelets are cool sticky post it notes designed to look like a vintage pack of matches. Small, slim and compact enough for a shirt pocket or wallet.