Secret Santa

Everyone loves Christmas. The food, the bad TV specials, the food, the time off work, and we’re not sure if you were aware, but Christmas means loads of food. What it also means besides bad slippers your Nanna buys you, the dog making it his business to eat all the tinsel in the house, and the zero to morbid obesity in the space of two weeks is two words that no one wants to hear: SECRET SANTA. Whether you call it Secret Santa, Kris Kringle, or Angelito, if you pull the wrong name out of that hat, it’s a festive gift nightmare in any language. But scroll down, and we’ve got you covered for funny, sweet, and inexpensive gift ideas. Even if no one will know it’s you that bought it.

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If you pull the wrong name out of that hat, it’s a festive nightmare in any language. What if you’re new? What if you don’t know the person at all? What if you know them but you don’t like them? Or the biggest Christmas nightmare of all; what if it’s your BOSS? The worst part is, these aren’t even half the pitfalls you face with Secret Santa gifting. It’s the ultimate litmus test of a good gift giver, and if you don’t get it right this year, you could be down a few quid in your pay packet come bonus time. It’s true. Possibly illegal, but maybe true.

Luckily for you, we’ve got plenty of gadgets and secret santa gift ideas that you can gift to him or her, and you don’t have to break the bank trying to keep the office peace.

Workmate who can never find their keys when it’s time to lock up? KeyPete tips the scales at under a tenner, and is a magnetic man that’ll fix to metal desk drawers, a fridge, or radiator, hang on to those elusive keys, and mean that you come off looking far more kind and considerate than the guy who gets you a flashing Santa brooch.

Sharing your desk with a total scatterbrain? Eric the Memo Elephant is a white ceramic elephant that doubles as a dry wipe message board. Perfect for phone messages, lunch orders, or writing your own birthday so they don’t forget when it’s time for them to organise the office whip round…

Nailing it at Secret Santa is the difference between the next year of getting the good parking space, and having to make 12 teas every time you stand up. Never underestimate the power of a good Christmas gift.