What on Earth is a Scratch Map®?

The Scratch Map® allows you to track your travels by removing the foil layer over cities, countries and continents you've visited, revealing the colour and detail below. There's a Scratch Map® for every kind of traveler; whether your interests lie in cuisine, oceanography, adventures or wildlife...there's a Scratch Map® for you.

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A foil map in the hands and brains of mortals does not mean much. But since popping up in a design team meeting a long long time ago, the simple three word utterance has spawned colors, shapes, functions and styles that have put the Scratch Map™ on the bedroom walls of intrepid explorers from Hong Kong to Harrogate.

You might have already danced til dawn in Ko Pan Yang, eaten al dente pasta on the Amalfi Coast or found yourself among the ruins of the Myan Temples. Or perhaps your gap year passed by in front of Tom’s Xbox in between shifts at the local call centre, and your horizons remain un-broadened. Either way, our beautiful scratch off map will work for you.

If you are a seasoned traveller with more stamps on his passport than Michael Palin, then the colorful pattern displayed when you scratch off where you’ve been will be the perfect excuse to entertain houseguests with wonderful tales of your travels. It may even provide a segway into showing some photos.

On the other hand, a totally unscratched map will provide an incentive to keep that fiver in your pocket and put it towards a one-way ticket round the world and back. After a long shift washing dishes, come home, and stare at the scratch off map world poster above your poster. Imagine it, no longer just a foil map as your scratchmap becomes a scratch off where you’ve been map. Your colorful life staring back at you as a colorful map.

Get your map framed for convenience, or go XL for those who have swapped the hostel for such grand lodgings that our standard size is not sufficient. Alternatively go luxury, like you did on your hols, and get our black and gold deluxe map.

Since the Luckies design team had the cool idea to make a foil map that would enable you to scratch off where you’ve been, the Scratch Map™ has grown legs and gone on some travels of it’s own. You can now see the Scratch Map™ alongside other Luckies products in shops big and small, all across the globe. But if you’re family are not sufficiently on their game to realize you will need a Scratch Map™ world poster adorning your bedroom wall, then you need to pick one of our cool designs yourself. Check out our range of beautiful scratch off maps in below.