Romantic Gifts

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There’s nothing more romantic than receiving a gift. Well, there are probably SOME things, but nothing we can really talk about here without making you feel sick/look away to protect your modesty. But if you’re looking for a way to tell that someone special that you like them, love them, want to marry them, or maybe just sit next to them on the couch, drink tea, and watch TV for long periods of time; you’ll be able to find something below to communicate that to them with.

There are many ways to show your affection for another. Poetry, chocolate, paying for their dinner, or of course the timeless classic of standing on their lawn blasting a love ballad from a boombox. Although we believe by current standards, what John Cusack did to proclaim his love in 1989 romcom classic Say Anything, is actually punishable under the law as some sort of harassment. Yes, we live in different times, and that’s why we feel it may be more appropriate, but just as effective, to show your appreciation for your other half with a gift.
Whether you’re trying to purchase a romantic gift for a him or for a her, and no matter what they’re into (besides you), we have plenty to choose from.
Who’s to tell you stationery isn’t romantic? If you want to suggest a city break for two in a European capital (or maybe a little further afield if you’re feeling lucky), our City Notes are the perfect way to do it. Post-its with a purpose, for London, Paris, or New York City, leave these bad boys all over the house and see how quick you can convince your love you both need a holiday…