Romantic Gifts For Her

Whoever said Romance was dead? We know you’re all closet romantics which is why we’ve curated this collection of romantic gifts for her. They range from the sickeningly cute to the casually adorable; perfect whether you’re shopping for your Wife, Girlfriend or just that girl you’re seeing (but hoping it will become something more).

So whether it’s a Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or just because; we’re sure you’ll find the perfect romantic gift idea to show the lady in your life how much you care.

Romance isn’t about big hearts, balloons and slushy greetings cards, well not always anyway. It’s a personal joke, a memory shared, private moments together.

So when you ask the woman in your life what she’d like for her birthday and she says the words everyone dreads; ’surprise me’, don’t panic! We’re sure we can help you find the perfect gift. Like the Smartphone Projector And Speaker Gift Set with surround sound for instance, so you can snuggle up together and watch old movies and romantic comedies starring Anne Hathaway, if that’s her bag. Perhaps she hates romantic comedies though? Perhaps she doesn’t even like Anne Hathaway?

Perhaps she would rather be off travelling the world than watching Anne Hathaway trying on wedding dresses. Well, then maybe she’d like our Corkboard Map, so you can both pin the memories you’ve shared together on your travels and plan your next trip. But what if you’ve only been dating a few weeks and don’t want to scare her off by getting a gift for her that’s a tad OTT? Remember how embarrassed everyone was when Tony from your office sent a huge bunch of flowers, chocolates and a singing kissogram to Shona in HR? Something cute and quirky might be more appropriate – like the Baby Nessie Tea Infuser, so she can think of you every time she has a cuppa. Ahh sweet…

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Animal Gift Wrap

Bring your gifts to life!
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Avocado Spoon Rest

Protect your kitchen surfaces with Avocado Spoon Rest!
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Baby Nessie Tea Infuser

A miniature Nessie to hold loose tea and make your perfect brew!
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Chalkboard Map

Plot your travel plans around the world on this self-adhesive chalkboard.
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Coloring fun for travellers
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Corkboard Map

Pin around the world
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Flower Power Steam Releaser

Here's a cheerful way to keep the lid of the pot open so steam can vent.
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Framed Scratch Map® Deluxe

Scratch Map® Deluxe poster in a black frame.
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Framed Scratch Map® Original

Scratch Map® Original poster in a white frame
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Gifted Gift Bows

Jazz up last minute gifts with pretty red bows, plus save on paper!
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Glow in the Dark Star Map

Glow in the dark constellations map
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Gourmet Scratch Map ™

A Scratch Map® poster bucket list for your taste buds.
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Hologram Viewer

Create and share 3D holograms from the comfort of your sofa.
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Ice Cream Socks

Go on, treat yourself…
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Love Note

Create your own message in a bottle
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Marshmallow Pencil & Eraser

Writing takes a sweet turn with this pencil and eraser!
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Matchstick Pencils

Matchstick pencils and erasers.
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Memory Box

Memory Box for keepsakes
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Message Rolling Pin Gift Box

Personalise your baked goodies with Message Rolling Pin…
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Mon Cherry

Measuring spoons and egg separator
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