Quirky gifts

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Quirky gifts for quirky people. We’ve all got that friend who’s a little bit ‘kooky’, a little bit ‘loco’ (in their own words!) and their birthday is the perfect time to celebrate their wonderful weirdness with a quirky gift that suits their fun, fruity and never boring personality. We’ve got unique gifts for men and fun gifts for women so whoever you’re buying for, we’ve got something wild and unusual that will show you’ve been thinking outside the box. But you don’t have to be quirky yourself to enjoy a quirky gift, even the most seemingly strait-laced personalities can be surprisingly unconventional, so unleash their fun side with these quirky gift ideas!

Quirky gift ideas for him don’t get much more left field than our Bready Made Novelty Bread cutter. He can use it to surprise his house guests by serving up egg on toast in the shape of a chicken or a moose for breakfast. Or, if he’s more into cool tech gifts, how about our futuristic Hologram viewer so he can create and share his own holograms. He’ll have hours of fun playing with that.

If you’re looking for quirky gifts for her then how about something really unusual like the Ravanello which creates tiny cartoon like Mushrooms out of Radishes? Bet she’s never seen one of those before! Or how about Eric the Memo Elephant? An Elephant never forgets, and neither will they with this alternative memo board.

And of course a quirky gift must be wrapped in quirky gift wrap and they don’t come quirkier than our Animal Gift Wrap. Turn their gift into a fun little animal creature with 6 different designs so the wrapping paper will be a gift in itself. These little critters look so cool they might not even want to unwrap their presents. And for a quirky Christmas gift we have Festive Gift Wrap too!