Party Accessories

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Every party has basic requirements; food, drink, music, more than 3 people, ideally with none of them wearing their pyjamas. But if you want your party to go off with a bang, you’ll need more than that.

Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Hen Do, Stag Do, Engagement, Baby Shower, or any other made up reason you can think of to justify a catered gathering of your favourite people, we’ve put together our best Part Accessories below for you to choose from, take them as a gift, or ensure your own event is a success.

You want to throw a party. We could give you a million reasons why you might, but the truth is; you don’t need any.

However, what you might need to party, whatever the weather, the festive season (or lack of), is supplies. Whilst we can’t help you on the food front (although here at Luckies, we’re big fans of the traditional cold chicken nugget, with some cheese and pineapple on cocktail sticks sticking out the back of a melon wrapped in foil), we have all the party accessories you’ll need to feed and hydrate the masses, as well as entertain them. If you’re planning for dancing, you need speakers.

The Luckies Smartphone Speaker is just the thing. 40 hours of playback on just 4 AA batteries. Simply plug in your phone, and turn it up. Your biggest problem will be compiling a no-repeat playlist that’s 40 hours long. If you think the party will be more focused on the eating and drinking part, then it’s the Party Straws and Party Cups you need.

Themed covers for cups featuring different facial expressions mean endless mix and match for those craving a beverage. Our 24 Party Straws come equipped with 48 cardboard mouths for identifying drinks, and more importantly, breaking the party ice.