Office Stationery

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Cool office stationery! From pens and pencils to stickers and colouring in, your fun stationery collection is an extension of your personality.

Unique and unusual office stationery

Fact. So choosing the right fun stationery to give as a gift is, in our Luckies opinion, more important than the stationery’s actual function.

Sort of a fact. From novelty notebooks (have you seen the one that looks like a hankie?!) to crafty card kits. We have sardine shaped paperclips to naughty novelty erasers, you can find all fun stationery gift ideas.

At Luckies and in turn become known as the nuance of the novelty stationery world (quite the rep you got there).

Stationery for occasion

Got a brother who is nervous for his first day at big school? A friendly face and unusual gift for him is Geppeto. The cute pencil and sharpener set who will happily help him with his homework when long division suddenly slips your mind.

Office essentials

Or maybe your work pal you can’t live without could do with a bit of #MondayMotivation. Look at Rainbow Sticky Notes, such colourful memo notes define fun stationery.

So much so that their merry ways make it impossible to go back to the ordinary kind from the cool office stationery cupboard. Get that Office Manager to Luckies immediately!