New Job Gifts

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If you’re in search of new job gifts for someone starting a new career, take a look at our unusual and fun collection of gifts perfect for someone starting their first job or promotion.

Everyone gets a present when they leave a job, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get a gift when they start one.

New job gifts for the office

Whether it’s stationery you think they’ll need, or something cool to keep their lunch stored in. Maybe it’s their first job, or maybe they’re looking at their last few years in the world of employment; it doesn’t matter. We’ve got anything you might think they’ll need (and deserve) down below for you to search through for the perfect new job gift.

Cool new job gifts with a difference

There’s a lot that comes along with getting a new job. First, there’s the new people. Will they like you? Will they accept you? And more importantly; how will they react to your choices on the day you’re responsible for what gets played on the office radio? Then there are the lunch arrangements. Folk can be so cruel, judging the way you cut your sandwiches into four triangles. Perhaps not with their words so much as their their amused faces and tilted heads in the kitchen.

Or at least that’s how you’re imagining it.
Put simply – anyone starting a new job needs a good luck gift. A token, a desk warrior. Something to make them feel like they can navigate the department email groups, the tea making etiquette, and the fact that there are three people called Dave in the office, and they basically can’t remember the names of anyone else.

Cool new job gift ideas

Eric The Memory Elephant is a dry wipe message board in the shape of a little white elephant. For phone messages, meeting reminders, and whichever chocolate bar so and so (probably a Dave) asked for from the shop. As they smash through each exciting task, simply wipe clean and start all over again…