Leaving Presents

Leaving Presents

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Your work friend is leaving on a jet plane, and you don’t know when they’ll be back again! But before you descend into a mess of tears and self pity, how about focusing all that energy into getting them some really awesome leaving presents? Go on, time to initiate the obligatory ‘whip round’ and stand intimidatingly at your colleagues desks with your brown envelope while they root around in their purses for a few extra quid. And once you’ve done that, have a butchers at all our top leaving present ideas, collected here into one handy leaving gift category.

Memorable leaving presents

We’ve got some really memorable leaving presents for colleagues who are the sentimental type. A real tear jerker is our Memory Box for keepsakes. This is a great group present as everyone can contribute their own memory, photo, note or souvenir from their time together in the office. Another personalisable goodbye gift is the Smartphone Projector 2.0 DIY. This home cinema in a box is blank for you to all doodle and write your messages of Au revoir to your friend.

Leaving presents for him

If you’re looking for leaving presents for him and he’s off traveling, we’ve got some great travel gifts for him. Our Scratch Map Travel Deluxe is our most stylish scratch off map and comes in a handy travel size so he can sling it in his backpack and trot off to his next destination, be it Goa or Scarborough.

Unusual leaving presents

If it’s leaving presents for her you’re looking for, why not get her some unusual leaving presents she can take with her to use in her new office, like Rainbow Sticky Notes, Matchstick Pencils, Washy Tape or even a Corkboard Map, which would be especially great if her new job involves travelling to different countries!

All of our leaving gifts are unisex of course, and lots of them are functional as well as stylish, like The Envelope; a tech sleeve designed to look like a retro manilla envelope. Or the Magni Viewer which doubles their smartphone screen size making it easier to watch film and TV on the move. A particularly useful leaving present for someone who will be facing a long commute each day in their new job.