Kitchen Accessories

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Whether he is a Master Chef finalist in the making or only just learnt how to butter toast without tearing the bread, our kitchen accessories range is bursting with fun, useful and quirky gadgets and gizmos to help you out around the kitchen. Most of us eat at least three times a day, so we thought we might as well make such an everyday occurrence a little more fun! Ranging from animal themed heat proof mats to sushi style measuring cups, you are sure to find a culinary inspired gift to please a Michelin star chef or a student cookbook connoisseur.

They might have a notebook (probably for writing lists of the stuff they’ll beat you to punch buying), but we’d put money on the fact that they haven’t thought to buy one as good as our Waterproof Notebook. For anything they might need to remember in the rain, in the bath, or even down the beach, there’s no denying the silent genius of the design twist on this gift. Less Jack Kerouac, more Jack Daniels glaze? Try them with our Barbeque Stamp. Just heat it up in the flames of their (no doubt seriously high-tech and bang up to date) pit, and they can stamp their message into a juicy steak of any kind.

Get your Heston Blumenthal on with our selection of quirky kitchen accessories. Whether he’s going for his third Michelin star, or only just learning how to boil an egg (we’ve all been there!) there’s something for every level of kitchen aptitude in our kitchen gifts category. Be it foodie, veggie, anti-gluten-lacto-free type or the ultimate human garbage can, there’s kitchen gifts for those sweet tooth dessert tasters as well as the head chefs who make the masterpieces. Got a friend who’s just moved into a new house or heading off to uni? They’re sure to appreciate our cool kitchen gift ideas to kick start their quirky kitchen accessory collection. Forget buying your mate a bog-standard frying pan with no personality when you could instead give an awesome monster shaped ladle for monster portions!

These kitchen gifts bring a little fun to cooking your everyday evening meal – it happens pretty often so why not make it a little more lively?! With bright colours, novelty accessories (who doesn’t love oversized versions of everyday objects?!), and useful gadgets that happen to look great whilst serving a purpose, basting the turkey has never been more fun. Vegetarian? No problem, slice your watermelon into lollipop shapes with Pepo or keep your herbs and spices fresh with Mafaldine pasta shaped rubber bands instead. Whet your appetite when exploring our cool kitchen gift ideas as you mentally cook up a storm without worrying about the washing up.