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It really is the thought that counts, and the thought doesn’t always need to break the bank. We’ve pulled together the best of our Kitchen and Home Gifts For Under £10, so that when you need a gift (or a treat) and your bank account is shaking it’s head at you, you can probably find what you need to pay for it by digging down the back of the sofa.

There are people in your life, and times and events that require the big expensive gifts. Weddings. Baby Showers. New Home. Leaving the country. Birthdays.

Then there are the things that just need a little gift. A pat on the back, a quiet “thanks pal”, a stocking filler, or maybe just a “I saw this and thought of you”. Those sweet things are far less likely to happen if what you saw that made you think of your mate you haven’t seen for 6 months is going to cause your credit card to burst into flame.

At Luckies we believe it’s good to give, and we mean gifts and gadgets of all shapes and sizes, not just the big stuff. We don’t discriminate, so in Kitchen and Home Gifts For Under £10, we’ve put together the best of our little guys, making it easier for you to treat your nearest and dearest (or yourself, we don’t judge), even when payday seems so far away you’re starting to think it might be an urban myth.

Housemate who’s trying their best to be a Nigella, but every dinner party leaves your hob covered in more gunge than a celebrity sponsored TV dunking? Our Lid Sid clips and hangs out the side of your saucepans leaving an escape for steam, which means the only boiling over will come when the guests find out she forgot to take the Vienetta out of the freezer. Prone to a senior (or possibly hungover) moment every now and again where you turn your house inside out for the keys you actually put in your back pocket?

Key Pete is a magnetic hook perfect to stop that happening to you quite so frequently. Stick him to the fridge, or the radiator by the front door and just hang whatever keys you need on him. Although sadly we don’t have any gadgets to slow down the ageing process, this might be the next best thing.