Kitchen Gadgets

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Whether you’re the next Mary Berry or Michel Roux, or only just graduating from Pot Noodle sandwiches (don’t pretend you haven’t tried it), we’ve got the perfect Kitchen Gadgets for you. These culinary gismos and wotsits will help you make any cookery task, big or small, suddenly seem like a piece of cake. And if you know someone who’s a genius in the kitchen, then they’ll love our fun and on trend range of cookware and kitchen gifts to introduce a little bit more excitement into their kitchen.

Kitchen lovers, you know who you are. Pottering around in your culinary shrines, poring over the latest Jamie Oliver recipe; peeling, chopping, sautéing, and always spiralizing. This is the page for you.

Now you can add even more excitement to your kitchen adventures with such gadgetry as our Chilli Herb Infuser (a herb infuser in the shape of a chili!), Avocado Spoon Rest (finally!), and Agatha Steam Releaser (who doesn’t want a tiny witch to watch over their cauldron of stew?) And never again will there be a dull breakfast in your house with the Bready Made novelty bread cutter and Gregg’s Egg Face cheerful egg shaper.

But you don’t need to be a Chef in training to enjoy our kitchen gadgetry; our Papa Nessie Pasta strainer and Mama Nessie Straining Spoon will brighten up any dinnertime. And if you’re more interested in the wine that goes with the meal; our Beanie Bottle Stoppers will ensure you can keep that bottle fresh for tomorrow. (A perfect gift for wine lovers too!) If it’s Kitchen gifts for a baking enthusiast you’re after, then you can’t go wrong with our Message Rolling Pin Gift Box.

A rolling pin which lets them personalise all their baked goods with messages such as ‘baked with love’, ‘secret recipe’ or even ‘bite me’. How sweet.