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Halloween parties might be more stressful than Christmas. There, we said it. At Christmas, everyone is happy, because they get to eat as much as they can in one day, whilst wearing their most comfortable clothing. Halloween means costumes, and make up, and wigs, and that almost certainly does not mean comfort.

It’s all very well getting decked up in fancy dress, but if you turn up to the party empty handed, you’d better hope your costume involves a mask with which to hide your bad guest shame.

Whether you want to give a spoooooky gift, or throw some bone-chilling festivities of your own, we’ve put together the bes t of Halloween gifts, gadgets, and ghoulish treasure together for you to choose from.

Unless you have someone turn up in a sheet with two holes cut in it, which underneath they are wearing their pyjamas, it’s very important you keep your guests happy and entertained.

he Luckies Smartphone Projector is perfect for organising your own private horror viewing. Just load up Friday The 13th, Nightmare On Elm Street, or, er, Halloween on your phone, slot it into the projector, and get projecting. Make sure all the lights are out. If you don’t have a white wall, maybe ask the ghost if you can borrow his sheet.

If you’ve had a few unimaginative guests turn up without a costume (or maybe in a very subtle one…) the Book Of Masks can save everyone from looking like a Halloween killjoy. The book contains 30 different designs of tear out masks and elastic for each one. So no excuses. Animals, superheroes. Some are already horror themed – Frankenstein, clowns. And please don’t try and tell us clowns aren’t scary, thanks very much.