Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

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Why buy a usual gift for him when you can buy an unusual gift for him instead? Breakaway from the normal and boring gift ideas for men and instead surprise your boyfriend/brother/butcher with one of our awesome and unusual gifts for men. Ranging from the Smartphone Projector™ to the Scratch Map® poster, there’s definitely a gift in here that will catch his eye. The last thing you want to hear when someone opens a present you gave them is “Oh, such a shame, I’ve already got one of these!” Bump yourself up the gift-giving chart by finding him something from our collection of Gifts For Men Who Have Everything. Of course, we can’t be held responsible if he’s already found his way here.

We’ve all got a friend like this; every time you see them, it’s “Hey, look at this thing I bought from…” or you notice they have some cool gadget attached to them, or their fridge, or stuck in their glove box, and they say “Yeah I bought that for myself last week”. These infuriating men who just see a cool gadget they want and buy it immediately for themselves. So selfish. It’s like they’re not even thinking about what any of you are going to do when it comes to their birthday, or Christmas. But if you can calm down and see through the red mist, here at Luckies we’ve tried as best we can to help take the weight off with our collection of Gifts For Men Who Have Everything.

He might have a notebook (probably for writing lists of the stuff he’ll beat you to punch buying), but we’d put money on the fact that he hasn’t thought to buy one as good as our Waterproof Notebook. For anything he might need to remember in the rain, in the bath, or even down the beach, there’s no denying the silent genius of the design twist on this gift. Less Jack Kerouac, more Jack Daniels glaze? Try him with our Barbeque Stamp. Just heat it up in the flames of his (no doubt seriously high-tech and bang up to date) pit, and he can stamp his message into a juicy steak of any kind.

Try not to be upset with him. Some people just have no patience and they need everything straight away. We’ve put our best of the most exciting together for you here, that way you won’t have to turn up empty handed and tell him it’s his own fault.