Stationery For Him

We wouldn’t like to make up a statistic, but we’ll wager that the majority of jobs involve an office space of some description.

We know you’ve seen those adverts for popular electronic devices claiming that your office no longer has to be an office and you can receive your emails up a mountain and such, but that doesn’t mean a man doesn’t still need a little bit of stationery in his life from time to time.

If it’s a forgetful man you’ve got on your hands, our City Notes might be just the thing. Whether he resides in, or has recently enjoyed visiting London, Paris, or New York, these city themed sticky notes come in red, blue, and yellow, and couldn’t be more useful for jotting down phone messages, shopping lists, and hints at what gift a certain someone might want for their birthday.

If he’s still adamant his desk can be the rainforest/Sahara Desert/the Tonga Trench, then he might need a notepad made of sturdier stuff. The Luckies Waterproof Notebook is filled with waterproof stone paper, which means no smudging whether he’s making his notes on the beach, in torrential rain, or an arctic tundra.

Like we said, you don’t need an office to need stationery, and whatever the occasion, Luckies has got you, and him, covered.

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Adventure Journal

Scratch Map® maps and booklet with 300+ bucket list experiences.
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Animal Gift Wrap

Bring your gifts to life!
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City Notes

Skyline shaped sticky notes
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Eat It!

Chart the food you try !
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Cute pencil and sharpener set
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Glow Tape

Glow in the dark sticky tape
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I’m As Big As

The poster that tells you what you’re the same size as!
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Just Your Type

Stickers to personalise
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Matchstick Notelets

Matchstick themed sticky notes
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Matchstick Pencils

Matchstick pencils and erasers.
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Memo Mountain

Mountainous Corkboard
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Memory Box

Memory Box for keepsakes
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Morris Memo Holder

He’s a Mule for you !
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Paper Peg

Stapler and paperclip combined!
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Skyline Ruler

Sentiments in centimetres
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