Gifts for girlfriends

Looking for gifts for girlfriends? Sure, you could get her yet another diamond ring, but isn’t that a little boring? I mean, there’s only so many diamonds a girl can wear before she’s in danger of having her own gravitational pull.

Unusual gifts for girlfriends

We’ve got lots of cool and unusual gift ideas for her that will surprise and delight your girlfriend this birthday / anniversary / Christmas. We’ve got romantic gifts, practical gifts and quirky gifts to suit all sorts of personalities. So pull your finger out and spoil her with one of these fantastic gift ideas.

If you’re looking for romantic gift ideas for her birthday, look no further than our You Complete Me Birthday, an adorable little birthday cake shaped jigsaw puzzle.

And there’s more I love you gifts where that came from with our simple yet effective Love Note that allows you to give your girlfriend a secret love note they can cherish forever, for the old fashioned romantic in you.

Of course, one woman’s romance is enough woman’s cringe-athon, so if your girlfriend’s idea of a romantic gift is something she can make good use of then how about bringing a little more music into her life with our Pocket Tin Speaker? You could make her a playlist of all her favourite songs to play on it too.

If you really want to think outside the box for your girlfriend’s birthday present this year, then how about our Corkboard Map? This self adhesive cork board map of the world looks fantastic stuck up on any wall and you can use the pins included to pin your memories and photos from all your trips together. You can pin anything like; tickets, postcards, inspiration for your next trip. A fun and visually stunning travel record and a personalised world map.

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Animal Gift Wrap

Bring your gifts to life!
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Avocado Spoon Rest

Protect your kitchen surfaces with Avocado Spoon Rest!
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Baby Nessie Tea Infuser

A miniature Nessie to hold loose tea and make your perfect brew!
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Biskviti Tea Infuser

Biscuit shaped tea infuser
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Camera Light

Battery-powered bedside light
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Chalkboard Map

Plot your travel plans around the world on this self-adhesive chalkboard.
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City Notes

Skyline shaped sticky notes
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Coloring fun for travellers
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Corkboard Map

Pin around the world
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Pasta shaped pot grips
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Framed Scratch Map® Deluxe

Scratch Map® Deluxe poster in a black frame.
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Framed Scratch Map® Oceans

Scratch Map® Oceans poster in a white frame.
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Framed Scratch Map® Original

Scratch Map® Original poster in a white frame
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Glow in the Dark Star Map

Glow in the dark constellations map
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Ice Cream Socks

Go on, treat yourself…
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Love Note

Create your own message in a bottle
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Mamma Nessie

Believe it or not, it’s Mamma Nessie!
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Memory Box

Memory Box for keepsakes
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Mon Cherry

Measuring spoons and egg separator
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