Gifts for dads

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There are many kinds of dads; funny dads, embarrassing dads, sporty dads, step dads. But if you’ve been looking for gifts for dads and found your way here, it’s probably because you think your dad is awesome and you want to give him an awesome gift that tells him that. Cool gifts for men are a bit of a speciality of ours here at luckies and we have so many great gift ideas he’d love for fathers day or his birthday that it’s hard to keep track of them all. So we’ve gathered all the great gifts for fathers in one place here so you can find that special present that says ‘Dad, you’re alright you are!’

If your dad’s a bit of a tech geek who’s always showing off the latest gadget he’s bought then we’ve some super cool gifts for him. There’s the Magni Viewer which doubles the screen size of his smartphone allowing him to watch TV and films literally anywhere. So if he wants to hide in the garden shed and watch the rugby; he can! Another fun gift for dads is the Smartphone Projector 2.0 Copper; nothing says nostalgia like watching one of his favourite old movies from when he was a kid projected onto his wall.

If your dad’s more the outdoorsy type and is always off on a Sunday morning hiking adventure, or a Wednesday afternoon bike ride for that matter, then he’ll get some good use out of our Explorer Bottle. Or perhaps he’s more the sort of dad who likes to put his feet up with a cup of brewed loose leaf tea, and would enjoy our Baby Nessie Tea Infuser? Or perhaps your dad fancies himself as a bit of a chef and would love to own his very own Barbecue Stamp. Whatever your dad likes to spend his time doing, we’ve got the perfect birthday gift, father’s day gift and thank you gifts he’ll love.